Not All Bugs Die When Summer Ends

You may believe that bugs are only active during the spring and summer months. While this is true in many cases, it is possible for pests to thrive during those cooler fall and winter seasons. Therefore, it may be a good idea to keep the number of an exterminator in Las Vegas just in case. Let’s take a look at why you may see insects or other pests during seemingly odd times of the year.

They Will Thrive in Warmer Environments

There is a good chance that your home or apartment is going to be warmer than the temperature outdoors. This is especially true near heating vents or other components that help to create and circulate warm air throughout a living space. Any insects or rodents that have taken shelter in these environments may override their natural inclination to hibernate or slow down.

Your Home Could Be a Source of Food

Insects or other pests may slow down in the winter as a means of surviving when food is scarce. However, those that live in your home may not be lacking for food or water. Therefore, they may not have a need to stop or slow down for long periods of time. Fixing leaking pipes or taking out the trash on a regular basis can make your home less attractive to pests during the winter season.

Seal Off Entry Points to Your Property

To keep bugs or rodents from getting into your home, seal off as many entry points as possible. This may include caulking your windows or putting weather sealing along the garage or any doors that lead into the home itself. You can also have a professional spray both in and around your home to create a protective pest barrier.