Three Signs That There Are Pests in Your Chimney

Living in Las Vegas means that you do not have to use a fireplace for much of the year. For about 10 months of the year, it is too warm to have a fire in your fireplace. This means that you might not realize that pests have invaded your chimney. There are three big signs of a pest infestation in your chimney. If you see any of these signs, contact an exterminator in Las Vegas as soon as possible.

Unusual Sounds

A pest infestation in your chimney may manifest itself with unusual sounds. You might her wing flapping, chirping, squeaking or buzzing sounds. These sounds will be more noticeable when your house is otherwise quiet. Rats and mice are nocturnal. If they are the pests in your chimney, you will hear more of their sounds at night.


Wherever there are animals, there will be animal droppings. Be on the lookout for different types of animal waste on the liner and sides of your firebox. The waste may also build up in the wood basket or on the gas logs. Squirrel waste looks similar to mouse and rat feces. Whenever you reach into the firebox, be sure to wear gloves and a mask. The animal waste could contain bacteria, viruses or parasites that cause human illness.


Birds, mice, rats, squirrels and other pests that can get into your chimney will leave debris in their wake. You might notice parts of a nest or nesting material. The nest could be made up of twigs, grass, leaves and bits of fur. You might notice puffs of fur or feathers. Other debris to be on the lookout for includes dead prey, bones and trinkets. Some birds and animals, including crows and rats, bring trinkets into their nests.