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Sugar Ants or Carpenter Ants? How Can You Tell?

You should contact an exterminator in Las Vegas when you find ants around your property. Use these tips, along with extermination services, to figure out which ants you have on the property. You need to take steps immediately to solve these problems.

Exterminator Services Begin With an Inspection ants las vegas

When you invite the exterminator to your home, you should point out all the places you have seen pests. You might have found anthills around the property, or you might see ants crawling across your kitchen counter. The exterminator will check the exterior and interior of the house to find where the ants are coming from.

What Is the Difference?

Carpenter ants tend to be a bit bigger than sugar ants, and they actually feed on sugary food and dead animals. If you have food waste in the house, carpenter ants will find it. Plus, they can bits you with their pincers.

Sugar ants are smaller, and they can fit through any space. You need the exterminator to set up a baiting system that will kill the ants. Plus, they need to hit the anthills they have found outside.

ants las vegasWhen Do Pests Come in the House?

Exterminator services are needed when it starts to get warm outside. Ants and other pests will come into the house when it gets warm because they feel free to roam. Plus, the pests will come into the house when it starts to get cold outside. It will be too hard for these insects to survive when it gets really cold, and they can survive for a time in your house. You need to look out for ants at all times, and you should have an exterminator check the house once a quarter if you always have ants coming in the house. Also, you can use bait stations outside the house that will help kill colonies around the property.

When Should I Call Pest Control?

If you have made multiple unsuccessful attempts to rid your home from pests, call Buddies, the best pest control in Las Vegas. We can help permanently rid your residence or commercial property from pesky nuisances.

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Updated 1/22/21