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Although it is possible to see a lone pigeon foraging for food, these birds tend to congregate in certain places. Understanding why they do this behavior can help to increase the chances at a successful pigeon control system.

Three Reasons Why Pigeons Congregate in Specific Places

Pigeons often congregate in specific places in a city. Large flocks of these birds can number well into the hundreds, and evidence of their activities is quite easy to spot. With the help of a professional in pigeon control in Las Vegas, you can identify the cause of pigeons congregating and take steps to make the area inhospitable to them.


Overnight, pigeons usually come together to roost in large numbers. Some ornithologists believe that the birds find safety when sleeping together in large numbers. Pigeons have few natural predators, but owls and falcons are two of them. An individual pigeon may be safer while resting near many members of its species than it would be by itself.


In some pigeon flocks, many scout birds are sent out to explore for foraging opportunities in different locations around the city. When one bird finds success, others may alert the rest of the flock that is still in the roost. In other cases, when the pigeons are roosting again at the end of the day, one bird that did not have a good day of foraging may follow other birds the next day. This leads to bigger and bigger groups of birds at places where the feeding activities are going well.


Birds are social creatures. They often learn from each other about the best places to eat. During the daytime, even when they are not feeding, it is common to see large flocks of pigeons congregating on building rooftops, utility wires and other places. They may do this strictly for social purposes. When a single place, such as a building’s roof, is the hub of activity for hundreds of birds, their droppings become a problem. Building owners can work to make buildings less appealing to the flocks by using a variety of pigeon control strategies.

Pigeon Removal

If you have an existing pigeon problem, you want the birds gone and to prevent them from returning. At Buddies Exterminating, we offer Las Vegas pigeon removal and pigeon control among our many services. Trapping the birds on your site gets them out of your hair temporarily. To keep the birds at bay, our Las Vegas pigeon control system incorporates screening, netting, and spikes to discourage birds from ever coming back to your property. Contact Buddies today for the best pigeon removal.


Updated 4/5/21