Reasons Why Pigeons Are Attracted to Your Home

Pigeons can become a nuisance on your property once they begin to land on your home and release droppings on the building and surrounding property. Many homeowners don’t know how to resolve the issue or prevent the birds from returning. If the problem doesn’t resolve, there may be a few factors or sources that are attracting the pigeons to your residential property.

Safe Areas

Birds are always looking for safe areas where they can have shelter, which is why you may find them spending time on your roof. They often look for an area where they can nest and have a stable food source. You may notice that once one nest is built several more nests will appear over time. Nests are commonly built on eaves, wide ledges, attics, and balconies. Consider installing spike strips in different areas where nests are found. Hire a professional to perform pigeon removal in Las Vegas and install the different products on the roof to protect yourself and ensure that they’re applied correctly.


Properties that have gardens often attract pigeons because it’s a food source that is available to the pests. They’re known to strip the garden of fruit and plants that are present unless a few deterrents are present. You’ll need to install a scarecrow, which will prevent birds from being attracted to the yard or coming near it. Spraying the birds with a hose when they’re present will also make them flee and can startle them. Adding a few reflective surfaces to the garden is an additional method that can affect the eyesight of the birds and will cause them to find somewhere else to land.

Trash or Pet Food

Pigeons are more likely to be attracted to your property if there’s trash present in the yard. Keep the space tidy and trash bins covered at all times. Pet food that is visible in the yard can also be a food source for the birds, making it necessary to keep the food in the garage or an area that is difficult to access.