Why Pigeon Removal is Difficult

Pigeons can be a menace to your home, but they aren’t so easy to get rid of. But if you have a pigeon infestation, then your best bet is hiring a professional to help you remove and deter pigeons from roosting on your property.

One Smart Bird

There’s a reason why pigeons were once used to carry important messages: they are one of the most intelligent species of birds in the world! During World War I and World War II, pigeons were used to carry correspondence across enemy lines. They were even taken on military ships, and when that ship was under duress, the pigeons would be set loose to carry an SOS message. On the whole, pigeons have had a long history of helping humans, and that’s because they have a finely-tuned homing instinct.

Yet it is this homing instinct that makes it difficult to remove pigeons. They will return to one place over and over again if they are not deterred in some way. So once pigeons have taken up residence on your roof, gutters, or trees, then you’re going to have a hard time encouraging them to find a new home. Professional pigeon removal might be your only option.

A Whole Lot of Damage

The most destructive thing about pigeons just happens to be their feces. And that’s thanks to the fact that pigeons use their poop to build their nests, which means that their poop is highly indestructible, damaging, acidic and very hard to clean. If you have pigeons on your roof, their droppings can build up over time and cause terrible roof damage. In severe cases, tar-based roofs have even collapsed from the weight. Pigeon droppings can also damage the paint on your car over time as well. On top of that, pigeon dropping can also make you sick. Removing pigeons can save you all the headache of dealing with the damage they cause.

Effective Pigeon Removal

There are several ways to you can get rid of pigeons on your property in a humane way. The first step in eliminating the pigeon’s nests so that they don’t have a safe place to return to. Next, it’s important to block off or remove that nesting area by either blocking gutters or overhangs and cutting back tree branches. Then the area must be cleaned with a safe, antibacterial solution. When you need help with pigeon removal in Las Vegas, we can help you deal with the issue.