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Pest Exterminator 101 Guide: Six Bees Homeowners Should Watch For

Homeowners in Las Vegas are no strangers to dangerous insects in their backyards. One insect to watch out for is bees. Believe it or not, some bee insects require bee exterminators.

Bees have several benefits in our environment, but there is some type of bees that can be harmful to us or our homes. Here is a look at six bees Vegas homeowners should be on the lookout for.

1. Africanized Honeybee

Also known as the “Killer Bee”, Africanized Honeybees are primarily found in the Southern part of the United States. These bees are often mistaken for other insects but have a similar appearance to Brazillian bees.

This bee species wasn’t originally in America. They were created when three different species of bees were crossbred to protect bee colonies against European invaders back in 1957. American researchers brought the newly developed species back to study them and accidentally released them into the wild, leading to an infestation near San Antonio, Texas. Since 1990, these bees have killed over 50 people.

Africanized Honeybees are aggressive toward humans. They will attack someone within several feet away from them. While they don’t have stingers, they have strong jaws and will latch on using them if someone gets too close. Once attacked, the bee might bite your skin repeatedly, causing extensive damage to the area.

Luckily, these bees have a distinctive appearance from regular honeybees. They are larger in size and have a band of yellow at the end of their wings.

2. Carpenter Bees

Unlike Africanized bees, carpenter bees are known to attack humans. They tend to be non-aggressive and recluse. However, these bees may wreak havoc on your home by attacking the wood.

Carpenter bees are known to bore into various wood structures like indoor frames, unoccupied attics, and your home’s siding. If this type of bee makes it into your home, there’s a good chance that they’ve also started building nests inside.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to tell how many are present in the home without the help of an exterminator. If you suspect you have a carpenter bee species inside your home, it’s essential to call a professional exterminator as soon as possible since these bees can threaten the integrity of your property.

3. Western Honeybee

Western Honeybees are typically found in Europe and North Africa but have made their way to North America. These bees were imported from overseas centuries ago. While they were introduced a long time ago, they only account for one-third of all honeybee populations in America.

These honeybees can be particularly dangerous to humans due to their tendency to attack humans aggressively with their short and sharp stingers. These bees may sting you several times before they die. Western honeybees also secrete pheromones that attract other bees to your location.

4. Sweat Bees

Sweat bees are found on plants with droplets that resemble perspiration like humans.

These bees will have different characteristics, depending on the season. But in hot weather, sweat bees can get quite aggressive and cause a lot of damage. These bees look like regular bees, which is one of the things that makes them dangerous. They don’t usually sting but can if you handle them too roughly or if you approach them too slowly.

If a sweat bee stings you, the stinger will inject an enzyme into the skin that decomposes tissue and causes temporary paralysis until the bee dies.

5. European Honeybee

European Honeybees have over 20 subspecies and are the largest species of the genus Apis that was introduced to North America.

European honeybees are active all year long unless it gets too cold. They tend to build their nests where there are blossoming flowers or in gardens where this are various flowering plants. However, they may also nest in other places like under roofs and inside walls.

These bees can swarm near people’s homes at any time of the year, which means that homeowners must watch out for them throughout the year.

6. Leafcutter Bee

Leafcutter bees collect and provide food for their larvae. These bees are very small and cut tiny holes into the plants they eat. They rely on their mandibles to chew circular sections out of the leaves. After which, they insert their mouthparts into the leaf material and drink the nectar secretions inside of it.

Leafcutter bees can be a huge threat to humans. More specifically, they may cause injuries to the body or face. These bees are bred to eat leaves from specific trees, preventing them from encountering humans during these activities.

But they don’t always align with the tree branches, causing them to get inside buildings when searching for food. When in contact with a human, they may cause injury or health problems in the face.

Call Bee Exterminators to Protect You and Your Property

Do you have an infestation of bees in your yard? It’s time to call trusted bee exterminators. Most bees are great for agriculture, but there are a few that can be dangerous to you and your home.

While many homeowners attempt DIY methods to exterminate unwanted insects, this is more trouble than it’s worth. Without the right level of expertise, it will be difficult to know what type of bees are present, the extent of the infestation, and how to effectively get rid of them.

An exterminator can identify the type of bees that are present on your property and use the appropriate methods to exterminate them in the quickest and safest manner so you can get back to your day-to-day routine.