Attic, Shed or Crawlspace: Which Pests Like to Live Where?

In order to get rid of your pest problem, you must first identify the type of pests that are invading your home. There are a number of different pests that can be found in a home such as rodents, insects, and more.


Spiders in Your Crawl Space

If you are noticing spider webs all over your home no matter how often you dust, then you may want to look underneath your crawl space. These areas underneath your home are one of the most common places where you can find house spiders making a home for themselves as well. And while spiders can be helpful in that they can help you to rid your home of unwanted insects such as flies, if you are bitten by a certain type, you may need to seek medical attention.


Your Attic Houses a Bigger Problem for Pests

If you have begun to hear scratching and shuffling noises above your head, mainly at night, then you may have rats residing in your attic. If you are not sure, try to look for droppings, holes or chew marks along your walls. Rats love to be in warm places during the winter, so your attic is the perfect place for them to call home. While you can try laying down traps yourself, if you have done so to no avail, then you may have an infestation, in which case you will need professional help.


Pest Control Services for Mice

Although mice aren’t as big and scary as rats, they too can be very problematic as well. Although mice may lurk within your home as well, another common place you can find mice is in your shed. One of the best ways to prevent mice or any other pests from invading your space is to make sure you aren’t leaving food or trash out. However, if your attempts at eliminating your problem have been feeble, then an exterminator in Las Vegas can help you.