pigeon removal

In Las Vegas and other American cities, pigeons pose a threat to human health and property. Pigeons often nest communally on rooftops and other high places away from human gaze.

How Did Pigeons Get Here?

Like many urban centers in the United States, Las Vegas has a big problem with pigeons. It’s been estimated that between 750,000 and 1 million pigeons live in Clark County. The droppings of these nuisance birds carry diseases like Chiamdiosis and Psittacosis that can easily spread to humans. The acidic nature of pigeon droppings can also cause structural damage to buildings. It’s practically impossible to walk down a Las Vegas street without sighting at least a few adult specimens, but we hardly ever see pigeon nests. Where do pigeons breed?

Where Did Pigeons Originate?

City pigeons are descendants of a bird called the rock dove that’s found along cliffs and mountains in coastal areas Europe and Western Asia. This explains why city pigeons love to perch on building ledges; these parapets are a substitute for the rocky ledges of these birds’ natural habitats. Pigeons were originally imported to the U.S. by early settlers as a source of food and as a means of carrying messages between settlements. At some point, some domesticated pigeons got loose, and the result is that mess on your car windshield.

Where Are Pigeons’ Nests?

When it comes to nest-building, pigeons also look for building ledges that are far away from human eyes. They’re particularly fond of building nests on rooftops that contain standing water tanks. Pigeons are gregarious creatures that like to flock, so they tend to nest communally. It’s not uncommon to find dozens of nesting pigeons sharing the same roof. Gutters, air conditioning units, and chimneys can all be taken over by nesting pigeons, which calls for stringent techniques for pigeon extermination in Las Vegas.

Why Do Pigeon Populations Grow So Fast?

Pigeons lay eggs whenever they locate food sources that are plentiful enough to encourage breeding. In major American cities like Las Vegas, this can be up to six times a year. No wonder that without efficient extermination techniques, pigeon populations can grow exponentially in a very short period of time.

Pigeon Removal

If you have an existing pigeon problem, you want the birds gone and to prevent them from returning. At Buddies Exterminating, we offer Las Vegas pigeon removal and pigeon control among our many services. Trapping the birds on your site gets them out of your hair temporarily. To keep the birds at bay, our Las Vegas pigeon control system incorporates screening, netting, and spikes to discourage birds from ever coming back to your property.


If you are tired of dodging bird droppings on your porch or washing your car daily to keep it clean, call us at Buddies Exterminating. We have been in the extermination business since 1962, helping homeowners get rid of pests all throughout the Vegas Valley.

Your pigeon problem will not solve itself. Professional removal and control is the only way to prevent the serious damage to your home these birds can cause. Our proven removal and control techniques for pigeons will help you to reclaim your home from these birds. Contact Buddies Exterminating for the best pigeon removal.

Updated 4/5/21