Seasonal Pests That Might Visit Your Las Vegas Home

Owning a home, even renting a home, is a responsibility. Not only do you have to maintain it, you also have to ensure the environment is safe. This means keeping out pests, including seasonal pests. At certain points of the year, you might require pigeon removal in Las Vegas. Other times, you may be dealing with invading mice, ants or mosquitoes.

Here is an overview of the types of pests you can expect throughout the year.


Seasonal Pests in November – February

The lowest temperatures in this region of the United States is November through February. November sees 70 degrees as the average. Then, it drops to 60 in December, 59 for January and up to 66 in February. These months typically bring in flies, rodents and cockroaches as well as millipedes. Bed bugs are also common due to travel. Since this area is prone to lots of travel and tourism, it is a good idea to be mindful if you visit those types of spots.


March – June

March sees average temperatures of 72, April sees 81 and May begins to heat up with an average of 90. June starts the summer months with average temperatures of 102. These months tend to see pests such as termites, a variety of ants and bees. Ticks and fleas are also common. This is the time to ensure all food items are properly sealed when stored or not in immediate use. If you have pets, take measures to protect them from the ticks and fleas.


July – October

July and August continue to see triple-digit heat. It begins to cool down in September with 96 and 83 in October. Mosquitoes, wasps and spiders as well as crickets and centipedes are common. The spike for pests occurs in August.