How Pigeons Damage Your Home

Pigeon infestations can cause significant damage to our homes, but many people are unaware of the signs of an issue. You may have to spend a fortune trying to find a remedy, but you can avoid the costs if you understand the signs of pigeon damage. Here are a few tips you can use to understand the direction you need to take.

Where Pigeons Make Their Nests

When a pigeon decides to make a nest, they prefer roofs and attics. The wood from the top of the house is ideal for their dwellings, and you’ll notice damage to the top of the home. This damage is difficult to notice in the summer, but you’ll see significant damage during the fall and winter. Rain and moisture will lead to waterlogged ceilings. You’ll need to repair the woodwork as pigeons try to nest above your house.

Damage to the Structure

Pigeons can cause damage to the structure of your home. If you leave windows open, they may fly into your home and leave damage to the house. The attic is an area where pigeon infestations are likely to cause significant damage. Although pigeons prefer to nest in woodwork, they can affect glass and metal as well. Other areas such as gutters and chimneys may provide shelter as well. Warm objects such as air conditioners can serve as a nest as well.

Damage to the Home’s Wiring

Pigeons are attracted to warmth, and electrical devices can become pigeon nests. If you have window air conditioners, you should check them for signs of damage. Examine your house for exposed wiring or other signs of pigeon damage. If you notice any appliances don’t seem to work or flickering lights, consider hiring an exterminator to help you remove the pigeons. When you need pigeon extermination in Las Vegas, there are professionals you can rely on.