How to Keep Pigeons Away From Your Home

Like any other animal, a pigeon is going to be attracted to any structure from which it can watch out for predators. It will also be attracted to any structure that provides shelter and easy access to food. By knowing how you may be enticing pigeons to call your home their home as well, you can take steps aimed at getting rid of pest birds.

Pigeons Go Wherever the Food Is

Keeping pigeons away from your property may be as simple as making sure that there is no food nearby. This can be done by constantly taking out the trash, keeping trash bins away from the house and generally making sure that your property is properly maintained. By keeping your home clean, it may be possible to keep any bugs or other pests that the pigeons want to eat away.

Seal Off Any Entry Points to the Home

It only takes a small hole for a pigeon to get into your home, and it doesn’t take too many pigeons to create a large mess. You can keep them away by sealing vents into the attic, gaps in the siding or anywhere else that a bird could get into your home. An exterminator can also lay down traps or install spike strips that will make it painful for the birds to roost. Netting can also be used to act as a deterrent if you don’t feel comfortable with the spikes.

Call the Exterminator Whenever You Hear or See Signs of an Infestation

If you hear the sound of something flying in the attic, hear bird calls or see birds near your home, call a pigeon extermination Las Vegas service for help. It may be possible to assess the size of the infestation and create a plan that will make it possible to get rid of the birds in a safe and timely manner.