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Three Things Pigeons Need in Their Favorite Roosting Areas

Pigeons are a problem in most urban environments. In warm places such as Las Vegas, these birds spend all year long roosting and breeding on buildings and congregating in open areas. When pigeons are causing a problem on your property, it could be due to the availability of these three things they need for comfort. You could work with an experienced service for pigeon control in Las Vegas to make your property less attractive to the flocks of birds.

Flat Areas for Nesting

Pigeons need approximately one square foot in order to build a nest. Their nesting area needs to be flat, preferably with three walls and a roof around it. Eaves, roof overhangs and highway overpasses are ideal areas for pigeons to nest. When possible, close off the entrance to these nesting places. Exterminators can also put up plastic ribbed spikes that block the birds from these spaces.

A Roof for Shelter

Even when pigeons are not nesting, they prefer an area with a roof for sleeping. Large flocks of the birds may overnight under awnings, gazebos, trellises and roof overhangs. When there is not sufficient shelter for the flock, they will look elsewhere. An exterminator could help you to eliminate the sheltered areas that are attractive to the pigeons.

Easy Availability of Food

Pigeons are accustomed to picking up after the detritus left behind by people. They do not generally hunt or search long for food. Instead, they prefer to go where people have been, such as a park pavilion where picnickers have been or a backyard patio after a family has had a meal outdoors. They also congregate around trash cans and dumpsters. Sweeping, covering trash containers and spraying down outdoor eating surfaces with a diluted bleach or vinegar solution gets rid of the scent of food.

Pigeon Removal

If you are tired of dodging bird droppings on your porch or washing your car daily to keep it clean, call us at Buddies Exterminating. We have been in the extermination business since 1962, helping homeowners get rid of pests all throughout the Vegas Valley.

Your pigeon problem will not solve itself. Professional removal and control is the only way to prevent the serious damage to your home these birds can cause. Our proven removal and control techniques for pigeons will help you to reclaim your home from these birds. Contact Buddies Exterminating today.

Updated 4/5/21