The Top Three Ways Fruit Flies Get Into Your House

Fruit flies, also called gnats, are a common type of insect to find in your kitchen. They lay their eggs on fruit after feeding on it. If you find yourself facing an infestation of these annoying pests, it is a good idea to contact an exterminator in Las Vegas to spray your home and take a look for other pests.

Fruit From the Grocery Store

You could get a fruit fly infestation simply by buying fruit at the grocery store. If even one piece of fruit was rotting at the store, it would attract fruit flies. Those flies could lay eggs on the other fruit within the store’s produce section. When you purchase some fruit and bring it home, those eggs will hatch in a matter of hours. The larvae only take one or two days to develop into mature fruit flies.

Food from the Farmer’s Market

Many people enjoy visiting a farmer’s market or a “u-pick” farm for produce. These places offer freshly picked fruits and vegetables, many of which are grown organically. You may end up bringing home some fruit flies or fly eggs on your food from these places. If possible, wash the produce before you bring it into your house.

Windows and Small Gaps in Doors

Fruit flies are tiny. They can easily fly into your house when you open the door. They can smell fermenting fruit from miles away. The flies may fit through a small hole or rip in a window screen or a tiny gap around a door or window frame. Keeping food in the refrigerator may lessen the risk of a fly infestation because the flies would not be able to smell the alcohol produced by the fermented fruit if it is refrigerated.