Where Pigeons Tend to Accumulate

Pigeons were originally found in North Africa and western Asia as wild animals. Feral pigeons went on to establish themselves in many cities. Intentional feeding of the birds by humans, inadequate sanitation and “cliff-type” sites for nesting on older buildings are the main reasons people use pigeon extermination in Las Vegas.

They’ll inhabit ledges, drain spouts and attics to name a few. They usually frequent sidewalks and parks where they habituate to people feeding them. As creatures of habit, they tend to nest, feed and roost at the same spots each day.

How to Make Pigeons Stay Away

Due to the issues that these birds bring with them, such as the diseases spread, an infestation should get handled as soon as you can. Methods to keep pigeons away exist like using spikes. You should also ensure that pigeons aren’t able to access food or standing water on your property.

Get rid of food or garbage that has spilled, so pigeons don’t find your property as appealing. Removal techniques include bird netting, structural modification and trapping. Gels, liquids and pastes are good tools to control birds from structures as well.

Structural Alterations

Birds have the tendency to land on flat patches of ground. When the ledges of buildings slant (45 degrees), birds stop landing on edges of buildings. Styrofoam blocks, stone, and more can provide the desired slope.

Bird Netting for Removing Pigeons

As a rule of thumb, netting is the best long-term system to keep the birds away from a structure. In commercial buildings and warehouses where bird occupation is a significant problem, bird nets can prevent them from getting into pipes overhead. Roof heating or air conditioning units could also get netted off from the pigeons.

Metal and Plastic Spikes

Spikes are good to use as physical barriers for blocking birds from perching on your building. They generally perch on the beams and ledges of structures. Sharp pointed edges extend out at angles when you install spikes. You can place them on ledges, window sills and any other place that is prone to roosting. Because spikes and netting are more practically used for the long term, more people prefer these approaches.