Signs That There May Be Rats in Your Home

A residential rodent infestation can be disastrous in numerous ways. Not only do rodents spread diseases, but they can also cause serious structural damage to your home. If you want to prevent a dangerous and expensive infestation, prevention is crucial. In this guide, we will look at some of the most reliable indicators of a rat problem in Las Vegas.


One of the earliest signs of a rodent infestation is a pervasive, musky, and foul odor in the home. When rats and other rodents find their way in, they make quite a mess, leaving urine and droppings all around. To make things even worse, rats often retreat into out-of-the-way places before dying. Because of such factors, a home suffering from a rat infestation may have a heavy, foul odor.

Damaged Food Packaging

Most of the time, pests invade homes to find food. Though winters in Las Vegas don’t get very cold in most cases, rodents are still drawn to a home’s warmth, shelter, and food. And, once they’ve gotten in, a few pesky cans and wrappers won’t prevent them from feasting. Rats will use their powerful teeth to rip open food containers, no matter what they’re made of. Though they likely won’t eat you out of house and home, anything they touch becomes contaminated. If you find food packaging with holes and other damage, throw the item out, and contact an exterminator in Las Vegas.

Gnaw Marks

Rats’ teeth grow indefinitely, so they’re always chewing on things to wear those teeth down. The longer a rodent infestation goes untreated and the more often rats pass through certain areas, the worse the problem will be. Look for chew marks on boxes, furniture, wiring, and other items. If insulation or wiring is exposed, it may be time to call a residential exterminator in Vegas.

Live Rodents

While numerous signs may indicate the presence of rodents in Las Vegas, seeing live rats in the house virtually guarantees it. Rodents are nocturnal, and if you see one during the day, it’s important to act quickly by calling a residential exterminator in Vegas.

These are just some of the most reliable signs of a rat infestation in the home. If you see one or more of these indicators, call a Las Vegas exterminator right away.