If you find that bees have started a hive on or inside of your home, it is important to the structural integrity of your house and the safety of your family to have the bees removed as quickly as possible.

Reasons to Call Exterminators If Bees Get Into Your Home

In the spring and early summer, bees begin swarming. The swarming bees are looking for a new place to build another hive. They might choose your house. If this happens, promptly contact a exterminator in Las Vegas to remove the insects.

Preventing Hazards

Bees could build a hive that causes a hazard to your home or your family’s safety. For example, if the hive obstructs a chimney flue or plumbing vent, smoke and toxic gases may not be able to ventilate to the outdoors. Bees might also chew through wiring or insulation as they construct a hive. This could lead to a risk of fire. If the bees construct their hive near an electrical outlet, dryer vent or gas meter, this could also lead to danger.

Keeping Angry Bees Away

A swarm of bees has nothing to defend yet, and they are not usually aggressive. However, the bees start making a hive within a few days of choosing a new spot. If that spot is your home, some of the bees could find their way into the rooms where you spend your time. Those bees could become aggressive and sting. Once a bee stings, it releases pheromones that attract more bees to the area. Getting the bees out prevents them from stinging you.

Removing the Honeycomb

Once the bee colony is gone, there might be some honeycomb or parts of the beehive left behind. The comb and beehive must be completely removed. As these organic structures break down, they will liquefy. The melting honey and wax could damage your walls. Other pests such as wasps, rats, beetles and moths are attracted to the honey. You could find yourself with another infestation if the materials are not removed.