This article highlights some of the most fascinating traits of spiders. Readers will learn why spiders are such amazing creatures.

Eight-Legged Monsters in Your Own Backyard: Amazing Facts About Spiders

For centuries, people have feared spiders. Tales of mutated spiders taking over the world have even made it to the big screen. Despite their reputation for being scary creatures, spiders actually play an extremely important role in nature. Here are three captivating facts about spiders.

Spiders Produce Webs That Are Super Strong

Amazingly, the silk that a spider uses to construct its web is stronger than many metals. In fact, studies have shown that some spider webs are tougher than steel. Although the silk webs may look fragile, they actually have the ability to capture prey that is much larger than the spider itself. If it were possible to produce a giant-sized spider web, scientists predict that it could stop a powerful jet dead in its tracks.

Jumping Spiders Have Remarkable Vision

Unlike most insects, jumping spiders have four eyes. A jumping spider’s extra eyes give it binocular-like vision. They use their magical sight to capture prey and to judge distances. Often times, a jumping spider will see you far before you even notice its presence.

Certain Spider Bites Can Be Extremely Dangerous

If you happen to see a brown recluse or a black widow in your home, seek pest control in Las Vegas immediately. While the brown recluse can cause damage to a person’s red blood cells, the black widow’s venom can being upon severe muscle pain. Fortunately, these intimidating spiders typically only attack humans when threatened.