Types of Insects of Foreign Origin

Many households in America grapple with foreign insects, commonly known as invasive pests or invasive species. Invasive species increase in the population since there are no natural predators in the country. Below is a general overview of invasive pests.

Formosan Termites

Foreign insects like moth species and beetles can be destructive. For example, Formosan termites are a big threat to many households and families. This pest species has its origin in China and found its way in the United States after World War I. Formosan termites form large colonies and consume more wood than other American termite species. According to the Associated Press, Formason termites contribute to the country’s $5 billion annual property damage.

To prevent infestation, Handerson exterminators advise property and homeowners to store wood, including firewood, away from the main house. You can store on a wood raised platform or 5 inches off the ground to avoid rapid infestation and destruction.

The Red Imported Fire Ant

Another invasive species that threatens many US households and a liability to the government is the Red Imported Fire Ant, otherwise known as Rifa. This invasive pest originated from South America, specifically Brazil, and found its way to the United States in 1933. Rifa is commonly found in California and Southern parts of the country.

Rifa, as their name goes, inflicts painful stings and bites. If you are allergic to insect bites, you will likely be severely affected by an attack from the rifa. The bites often form red boil-like swelling that eventually turns into white pustules. To stay safe, avoid red imported fire ants and their telltale nests.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

A native of Asia and first introduced in America in 1996, the brown marmorated stink pest is another invasive species many households should be wary of. As depicts their name, stink bugs emit an unpleasant odor to stave off predators. They can be a nuisance to families and property owners and, having them inside your home is not something you would like.

Because of their potential to spread out quickly, stink bugs could threaten the agriculture sector. While they are not as destructive as the Formosan termites, these stinking foreign pests tend to invade home in large numbers; hence they can be a nuisance. They are likely to be your unwelcome guests in the late fall to shelter from the oncoming winter.

Outlook on These Insects

Invasive insects can be both destructive and bothersome. However, their infestation can be controlled or prevented altogether. As a homeowner, always inspect and seal off potential entry points in your home.

Henderson exterminators can offer valuable tips on how to go about this and help with other types of pests that may be giving your household sleepless nights.