How to Keep Pests Away in the Summer Season

The summer season is known as the most common time of the year when pests begin to show up due to warmer temperatures outdoors. Unfortunately, the creepy crawlers can find their way into the kitchen or backyard. When you want to keep pests away in the summer when you begin to entertain, there are a few important steps to take.

Hire an Exterminator

Using pest control Las Vegas will allow you to have quality chemicals sprayed on your property to kill different types of bugs and prevent them from returning. The exterminator will have a high level of experience with knowing where the bugs hide and can target specific areas to kill nests or eggs.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Many people are unaware that their messy habits in the kitchen can attract cockroaches and ants during the summer season. Different types of bugs will quickly find food that is left out on the countertops or is not sealed properly in the cupboards. Make it a point to keep the kitchen clean by immediately rinsing off dishes and cleaning up spills or crumbs on the floor. It’s also important to empty the trash each day and use a sealed container that is not easy for bugs to access.

Remove Wood Piles

Wood piles are common areas where bugs hide and breed during the warmer months of the year. Remove wood piles or keep them several feet away from the house. This is a common place to find eggs and breed bugs. You’ll also want to clean up any clutter that is stored in sheds and remove leaves or debris that accumulate in rain gutters, which is known for attracting termites due to water that may be present.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans not only keep the interior of your building cooler during the summer months but also keep flying insects away. You can keep flies, gnats, and mosquitos out of your home by using fans that are used near doors or windows. It’s also important to replace broken or missing window screens where bugs often find a way into the home. Avoid spraying strong perfumes or burning smelly candles in the house, which can also attract more insects. Citronella candles can be effective if you want to burn a natural product without welcoming the insects.