An annual home inspection by a professional exterminating service provides you with the ability to detect an infestation of pests before a significant amount of damage can take place inside of your home.

How an Annual Pest Inspection Keeps Your Home Safe

As a homeowner, you know that annual preventive maintenance and inspections are key to ensuring the safety of your home and the health of your family. In addition to regularly checking your electrical, roofing and plumbing systems, it is also important to have exterminators come out and do a home inspection for pests. An experienced exterminator in Las Vegas can detect an infestation as early as possible, helping to reduce damage and exposure to harmful rodents or insects.

Detecting Which Pest

One important aspect of an annual home pest inspection is that the exterminators can detect which species of pest is infesting your home. This is essential information if anyone in your home has allergies to pests such as cockroaches, mice or scorpions. The information is also critical for determining how to proceed with eliminating the infestation and preventing a recurrence.

Determining Pest Entry Points

A home inspection for pests allows the exterminators to locate the places where the insects or rodents are getting into your home. Once you know how the critters are getting inside, you can make an action plan for closing off their entryways and making sure that new places of entry are not created. For example, scorpions can get into your home through loose trim, gaps under doors and loose caulking around windows.

Identifying the Extent of the Infestation

An inspection also helps to identify the extent of a pest infestation inside of your house. The exterminators can do this by looking at the amount of droppings, nesting areas or shed wings and carapaces. The pest control service can also check for the amount of damage incurred to your home. Mice and rats can chew through siding, wood framing and any type of insulation. They may also chew through wiring, boxes, and any other stored items that are hidden away. The extent of the problem helps with formulating an eradication plan.