3 Reasons Pigeons Keep Returning

Pigeons are commonly attracted to residential buildings and can begin to leave droppings behind, which can create a mess on your property and attract different types of vermin. Unfortunately, the problem can quickly get worse when the birds breed. If you’ve tried to get rid of the birds but have been unsuccessful, there are a few reasons the pigeons keep returning.

You Haven’t Hired a Professional

It can be easy to try different methods that you research online to get rid of pigeons, but the birds are smart and can catch onto your tactics. Hiring professional pigeon extermination in Las Vegas will help ensure that the right tools and products are used. You can consult the help of a pro who is experienced with the issue and can offer their expertise to ensure that the problem doesn’t persist. They’ll inspect the house and inform you of any changes that need to be made. They also have the right tools and products to use to discourage the threat.

You Aren’t Scaring Them Away

Pigeons may continue to return to your home because they have nothing to fear. Consider using an owl or hawk decoy that can sit on the roof and looks like a threat to the birds. The decoy can be secured to the roof with a rubber tack to prevent birds from landing on your roof or deck in the future.

They Have a Place to Land

Pigeons are known for always looking for a place to land or build a nest. You’ll need to prevent them from having a place to land on your patio or roof by using anti-roosting spikes, which can be purchased at a home improvement store. Use the spikes on areas where many droppings are present, which is where the pigeons often land. Spikes are effective at discouraging pigeon perching and will cause them to find another building to land on as they scout out roofs. The product is affordable and easy to install, which can protect your home from becoming damaged by droppings.

Creating a barrier on the balcony with weather-proof string will also prevent them from having somewhere to land.