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Top 10 Most Common Bugs in Las Vegas

We are pretty lucky here in Las Vegas. Our dry climate limits the number of blood-sucking mosquitoes and other nuisance insects indigenous of the Northwest, Midwest and East coast. Still, the Vegas valley has its own share of creepy, crawly bugs in Las Vegas neighborhoods.  Here is a list of the Top 10 Most Common Bugs in Las Vegas.

Number #10 – Boxelder Beetlespest control

This insect is black with red and orange markings on its back.  They are commonly known as “stink bugs” due to the odor they emit. They are 0.49 inches in length.    They don’t really bite humans, but the sight of them has been known to scare small children.

Number #9 – Bed Bugs

pest exterminatorBed bugs are nearly invisible to the naked eye.  Their bodies are flat.  Bed bugs are flightless even though they have front wings. They are usually brown in color.  Bedbug bites are painless at first so you might not even notice.  Eventually, their bites will turn into welts that itch badly.

Number #8 – Wasps

Wasps find their way indoors through openings like chimneys and attic vents. Unlike bees, wasps have slightly elongated bodies with two, long wings. They can be black and yellow, red or a brownish red color. They are easily recognized by white markings. They are from about a half inch in size.   Their sting is painful.  If you notice a wasp’s nest anywhere in and around you home, call an exterminator right away.

Number #7 – Bees bee pest control

The household bee has dwindled in population. Scientists believe this is due to the use of household chemicals. Most household bees swarm in nests under the eaves of a roof. They do not survive well indoors. Some species of bees are a golden color. Others are gold with dark brown markings on their backs. They are about one-quarter inches in size and have translucent wings.   They sting, beware. It may be best to contact bee pest control instead of trying to remove them yourself.

Number #6 – Scorpions

Contrary to belief, the household scorpion species isn’t deadly to humans. Like spiders, scorpions are also arachnids.  Like cockroaches, scorpions have survived for 340 million years on Earth.  Scorpions are identified by their eight legs and two front claws (or pedipalps). They have narrow tails that curl upward. Most are from nine to 23 millimeters in size and are a light tan in color.

Number #5 – Spiders

Spiders are arachnids. There are several species that can be quite venomous, and very dangerous to humans. These include the brown recluse spider, the black house spider and the hobo spider to name a few. The recluse and hobo spiders are brown. The recluse spider is one-quarter to three quarter inches in body size. Their legs are long and thin and it is identified by the violin shape at the top of its legs.

Number #4 – Cockroaches

Of all of the common household bugs, cockroaches are the most unsettling!   These insects have survived for millions of years. Their eating habits vary, which makes them difficult to exterminate.  For example, cockroaches will eat people food; but they’ll also eat books, electronics and wallpaper.   They are no bigger than a thumbnail and have three pairs of strong legs. They may be brownish-red or brown in color and have wings. They are prolific breeders, so expect more where you see one.

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Number #3 – Crickets

Although house crickets originated by Asia, they are commonly found in households worldwide. They have antennae longer than their bodies. Their large, rear legs help them jump. Crickets come in black, but most are yellowish-brown and have three stripes on their heads.   They vary in size from one-half to over one inch.  Their chirp can drive you mad.  Crickets hide in warm places where they breed and feed.

Number #2 – Flies

Fruit flies are the tiniest fly species at one-eighth inches long.  They are a yellowish brown color and flourish most in late summer and early autumn. You find fruit flies on ripe or decaying fruits and vegetables. Common house flies are one-quarter inches long, have wings with the fourth wing veined and sharply angular.  These are identified by the dull grayish color and four stripes on their thorax. They are among the dirtiest of all bugs, as they enjoy feeding off fecal matter from any mammal or human, then transfer that bacteria where ever the land.

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Number #1 – Ants

All ants live in colonies, breed quickly and vary in size and color.   While ants make their nests outdoors, they march  indoors through cracks in cement spaces in walls. They have smooth, glossy bodies and give off an odor when they are crushed.  They are brownish black in color, are wingless and are medium in size.  And they are the most common, invasive household insect we deal with here in Vegas.   For the most part, they are harmless, just gross.


When to Call Pest Control

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Updated 1/22/21