Pigeon droppings can cause a horrible mess around buildings and on vehicles. While it’s possible to get sick from being exposed to pigeons and their droppings, pigeons can also do long-term damage to Las Vegas homes and commercial properties. A flock of 100 pigeons can produce up to 4,300 pounds of dung annually. A single feral female can produce up to 40 offspring annually. If left untreated, pigeons can become a huge problem very quickly if they cause structural damage.

Droppings Damage a Variety of Building Materials

The acid content in bird droppings can cause long-term structural damage. Pigeon dung can damage concrete, as it contains acid, ammonia, and salt. Additionally, the droppings can set up conditions that cause microorganisms to flourish, damaging not only concrete, but also copper, bronze, steel, and many types of stone.

Pigeon Dung Harms Painted Surfaces

Pigeon droppings can also cause a property owner to have to paint more frequently. When droppings land on many types of painted surfaces, the paint expands. When the paint cools, it becomes etched and eventually flakes away.

Pigeon Excrement Can Cause Wood Rot

Buildings made of wood or with wooden components are particularly in danger. Not only does pigeon fecal matter stick to the outside of buildings, but it can also cause microorganisms to penetrate the wood, causing to rot.

Pigeon Droppings Cause Tar Roof Damage

As you drive across Vegas, you may see pigeons sitting on roofs. If the roof is tar, then bird droppings can cause the top layer of the tar roofing to erode, exposing the SBS modified bitumen roof mem­branes. Once exposed, the sun can damage these membranes, weakening them. Property owners may find that they have to apply a new layer of tar more often.

Pigeon Droppings CauseShingle and Metal Roof Damage

Buildings with tin or shingle roofs may also be damaged. While relatively small in size, they can lift corners of tin roofs or shingles, allowing pigeons to enter the building, where they can build nests above the living space. Since pigeons are prolific breeders, many people may have a large problem before they ever realize it.

Long-term structural damage from pigeons can be a real problem in Las Vegas. In addition to being unsightly, their droppings can structurally harm a variety of surfaces including steel, concrete, wood, and tar. If you suspect that you have a problem, then you need to complete pigeon extermination in Las Vegas immediately.