Raccoons are savvier than people give them credit for. This is why it is not uncommon to see them find their way into people’s homes. So, what should you do to get them out? Read on to learn some essential steps to take when you have to deal with a trapped raccoon.

Tips on Removing a Trapped Raccoon From Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, raccoons are not exactly wild creatures. They often gravitate and live in urban areas that also include suburbs. In addition, these creatures are both agile, smart, and extremely curious. This often leads them to find their way into people’s homes in search of food or simply because something caught their eye. Now, finding a fluffy cute creature inside your home can be a shocker, but you shouldn’t pick it up and place it outside. Therefore, the following list includes steps to remove a trapped raccoon to ensure everyone’s safety, including that of the animal.

Raccoon Activity

Sometimes, a raccoon living inside your home isn’t going to be walking around the kitchen or living room. You are more likely than not going to find it either in your basement or crawl space areas. In fact, homeowners often don’t even notice the creatures until a Las Vegas exterminating service company conducts a thorough search of the home and find evidence. If you notice that they are coming in and out of the basement, you should make sure that a humane trap is kept near the basement window. This will ensure that your basement is kept free from raccoons and that the animal is safely relocated. If they are located within a crawlspace first make sure the raccoon is gone and then take the time to close these areas.

What If There’s a Trapped Raccoon Inside Your Home?

If you do find a raccoon running and jumping around the living area of your home, the very first thing you should do is avoid it. Stay clear away from the animal and begin to open as many doors and windows as possible. If the raccoon is frightened, it may start to look for a way out of your home. If the animal remains within your home, you should make an effort to call in a professional to safely remove the raccoon from inside your home.