How to Prevent Attracting Pests With Your Landscaping

Pigeons can be a frustrating an invasive pest in your yard. Not only are they loud and unsightly, but they leave a mess in their wake. Luckily, there are several ways to make sure your landscaping isn’t accidentally welcoming pigeons in.

Avoid Providing Food

The main reason that a pigeon may be attracted to your yard is to find food. Thus, you will go along way towards making your yard pigeon proof simply by making sure that you aren’t inadvertently opening a pigeon buffet. Pigeons have two primary food sources: discarded scraps and bugs. Regarding the first, make sure to never leave food accessible in your yard or patio. This extends to trash that may have spilled out of your garbage can, or the crumbs from a sandwich that fell on the ground. Making sure your yard is tidy and free of human food will help let pigeons know they are not welcome.

Another snack that pigeons love is bugs. Thus, if you want a pigeon proof yard, take steps to avoid having bugs in your yard. Avoid allowing standing water where bug eggs can be laid. Further, planting bug-deterring plants like marigolds or citronella can help eliminate a food source for pigeons.

Don’t Give Them a Place to Roost

The other reason a pigeon may find your yard a little too appealing is if it can find a place to roost. Pigeons like enclosed over-hangs. Make sure your attic is tightly sealed and that no pigeon-sized holes are left open. If you have a patio structure or a gazebo that pigeons find a little too appealing, consider purchasing pigeon spikes. These are strips of metal studs that let the pigeons know that your yard is not the place to land.

If you have battled pigeons and still can’t rid your yard of them, there are luckily numerous great options for pigeon extermination in Las Vegas. This is an easy problem to solve, so don’t suffer under the annoyance of pigeons any longer.