Spiders are in our homes, that’s just the reality of the situation. Although you can’t stop spiders from coming in, you should certainly understand which are dangerous. Here is a quick guide to identifying dangerous spiders inside your home.

Identifying Dangerous Spiders in the Home

Spiders within a home is a common thing across the United States. You may come across one or two every once in a while, with the situation being the same — everyone scatters and leaps onto higher ground. Although the majority of spiders inside a home are not dangerous, you should still learn to identify the ones that are. Therefore, the following list includes some of the most dangerous spiders you are likely to run into within your home.

The King of Dangerous Spiders: the Black Widow

Perhaps the most commonly known spider that poses a risk to people and can be found inside a home is the black widow spider. It can be easily identified by its red marking on the underside of its body. Since the marking is on the bottom of the spider, it is important to practice caution when running across any type of black body spider. Do not investigate if it is or isn’t a black widow. Since black widows are as common as home cockroaches, a roach exterminator can easily tell you if they’ve found traces of black widows during a routine checkup.

The Brown Recluse Spider

Unlike the black widow, the brown recluse spider is a little harder to identify, but with the right knowledge, you can catch it before it catches you. The brown recluse has a dull lightish brown color to it. This spider does have some unique features, though. It sports only six eyes rather than eight, and its legs have little to no hair on them.

The Hobo Spider

The hobo spider usually goes under the radar because it is often confused with other types of spiders such as the brown recluse above. The reality is that homeowners need to be more aware of this type of spider than any other, as it is not only more common but aggressive as well. Its features match that of the brown recluse, but one telltale sign gives them away, very hairy legs.