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Are Bees Swarming in Your Yard? Here’s What to Do

Bees are an important part of nature. By transferring pollen between flowering plants, they help the plants grow and the whole ecosystem thrive. But despite their importance, these stinging insects can put your family’s health at risk and cause a nuisance when they swarm. Property damage is another potential issue. Here’s what you should do when encountering bees swarming in your yard.

Give The Bees Plenty of Space

Contrary to popular belief, most bees are quite docile. They typically don’t attack unless provoked. However, never make the mistake of getting too close. If you happen to spot a beehive, definitely keep your distance and stay safe. You could find yourself being chased away by angry bees. These insects will protect their queen at all costs. People who are allergic to bees should take extra precautions.

Be Careful About Wearing Sweet-Smelling Fragrances

Bees are drawn to flowery fragrances, which smell similar to nectar. Some of the items you use frequently that often have a sweet scent include sunscreens, shampoos, colognes, and hairsprays. When dealing with bees on your property, the best approach is to use fragrance-free options until they’ve been dealt with safely.

Call in a Professional

The best way to solve your bee problem may be to call in a professional. Your entire family can then enjoy being outdoors without fear of being stung. Henderson exterminators are trained on how to safely and effectively remove bees. Although insecticides are available at virtually any supermarket, these products are often toxic to humans and pets and may only be mildly effective. Be smart and contact our office for a quick solution to your bee problem.