3 Landscaping Features That Bring Pests to Your Yard

During the Spring season, as well as the summertime, many homeowners across the country spend time and money attempting to create the best possible yard for their home. Every detail is planned as carefully as possible in order to utilize all your purchased materials. However, one of the few things that homeowners don’t think about is the consequences of using certain landscaping features and how they may attract pests. Here are three features that can cause your yard to be a pests paradise.


Soil Covering Landscaping Features That Attract Pests

Walk into any home improvement store in the country, and you’ll see bags upon bags of mulch. Mulch is a landscaping material consisting of wood chips and is usually the go-to choice for those on a budget as the material is relatively cheap to make and purchase. The downside is that it attracts some of the worse pests, including carpenter ants, roaches, and termites. A great alternative to mulch is rubber mulch. Not only can it mimick the same texture, but it also won’t attract pests.


Birdbaths & Birdfeeders

Although adding one or two of these features to your yard is not a big deal, it can however quickly cause you pest problems if you add too many. One of the most common issues that homeowners face is the abundance of pigeons that arrive when there is plenty of water drink from and birdfeeders to eat from. You may help your situation by seeking the services of a pigeon extermination las vegas company in order to control your overpopulation of pigeons.


Plant Distance

Take a look behind large bushes or plants that are planted close to each other, and you’re likely to find some critters hanging out. This is because the closeness of these plants and bushes to each other provides food and shelter to pests. The one thing you should absolutely avoid doing is planting large quantities of plants close to your home. Pests can quickly be attracted to all the sugar and other foods inside your home and make their way inside.