You’re noticing the signs of mice here and there but are not quite sure. The following includes helpful information to find out if you have a mouse infestation within your home.

Signs You Have a Mouse Infestation

One of the first things that tend to make homeowners wonder whether they have a rat infestation is the noises they hear throughout the night. Listening to items being dropped around the home or the quick paddling of their paws as they run through the walls can be a little nerve-racking, to say the least. But, how can you be sure if you have an infestation and not just two or three trouble-making mice? Read on to learn some of the most common signs that may be able to confirm a mouse infestation within your home.

Foul Smell

When large mice gather in one place, you are also going to be seeing other types of animals hanging around your home. Often, these animals such as cats, will end up killing a few of them, thus scattering your home with dead mice. Unfortunately, some will race back into your home and die within your walls, causing a foul smell. If the smell is unbearable, you must take action and contact an exterminator in Las Vegas as heat can make the smell even worse.

Large Amounts of Droppings Can Indicate a Mouse Infestation

The very first thing to look for is mouse droppings. Open kitchen cabinets where you tend to store food as well as under your home sinks. Finding large amounts of droppings can indicate that you may have a mouse infestation. However, to ensure that your theory is right, you must also check the condition of the mouse dropping. Sure, this can be rather disgusting, but you need to be certain that it’s not a past problem. Check if the droppings are brown and moist (you don’t have to touch them) or are they white and dusty looking. Dark and moist shows that they are fresh and are being left there consistently.


When rodents scatter around your home, they aren’t just looking for food but materials to create nests. Therefore it is also recommended to keep an eye out for nets. These will be made out of materials such as cardboard or fabric. Follow paths such as droppings while using your flashlight to determine if nets have also become an issue.