What You Should Know About Bird Removal

As annoying as having pests invade your property can be before you attempt to remove them, you should know that certain animals have rights. Certain birds, for instance, are protected by the federal government when it comes to the safety of their nests. If there is a nest on your property that has eggs in it or it is being actively used, it may be illegal for you to call Las Vegas pest control to remove it.

How to Remove an Empty Bird’s Nest

Once you are sure that the nest is no longer being used, and there are no eggs or baby birds inside, you can remove the entire nest and toss it in the garbage. After you have removed the nest, make sure you give the area a good hosing down and cleaning to remove all of the feathers, droppings, et cetera. If the nest is located in an area that is inaccessible to you or it is in a dangerous location, then you should contact a company that specializes in pest control in Las Vegas.

What to Do If You Find an Injured Bird

If you run across a hurt bird on your property, you will need to contact a wildlife center and have them come get the bird. If you have trouble locating a center, you can also call animal control. They will then take the bird to the proper facility where it can get the treatment and assistance that it needs.

Prevent the Need for Las Vegas Pest Control

One of the best ways that you can eliminate a bird’s nest is to not have it be made in the first place. Since birds like to nest in places such as gutters, it is important to make these places as uninviting as possible. Try hanging shiny objects in these areas as it can confuse birds and keep them from landing.