How to Tell If You Have a Hornet Infestation

A hornet is a large and aggressive type of wasp. Some hornets will not bother you unless you disturb their nests, while others will go after you at any time. Hornet venom is painful and can be deadly. If you think you might have hornets on your property or in your house, it is important to contact an exterminator in Las Vegas for prompt removal of these pests.

Recognize a Hornets’ Nest

Hornets’ nests look like they are made of paper. They are actually made from the insects’ saliva and bits of wood. The shape of the hornet’s nest may look like a football, an inverted teardrop or a stalactite. The nests are guarded 24/7, and the hornets will sting if disturbed.

Nest Locations

Yellow jackets usually build nests in the ground. However, they can also build their nests in the walls of a house or in rubbish located near a house. You might notice a depression or hole with insects flying into and out of it. Hornets’ nests are typically suspended from an object. For example, the nests may be located in a tree, on a utility pole, under the eaves of a roof or under a raised backyard deck.

Body Shape, Color and Size

A hornet has a thin waist. The waist is between the middle section, or abdomen, and the last section, or thorax. Most wasps have black and white markings. However, the yellow hornet and European hornet have yellow and black markings. The European hornet is the only hornet known to live in the United States, but hornets could be brought in through shipping. The European hornet measures 1.5 inches long, which is bigger than a bee or wasp.