Why You Need to Hire an Exterminator for Pigeons

Any who lives in a major city like Las Vegas sees pigeons every day. These gray, white and black birds often live high off the ground but come down to ground level when feeding. Though you may like seeing birds while walking through the city, you won’t want to see those same birds around your home. As soon as you find out some of the potential dangers of these birds, you’ll understand why you need to hire an exterminator.


The biggest danger associated with pigeons is that these birds can carry a wide range of diseases that they spread to you and your loved ones. Even if you do not contract a disease, you can still pick up some of the germs that these bugs carry, which will leave you feeling sick.

Roof Damage

When it comes to pigeon extermination in Las Vegas, exterminators want homeowners to know that these birds can cause significant damage to roofs. If you have any cracked or otherwise damaged shingles, those birds can peel pieces of the shingles off the roof for their nests. These birds often build nests in and around your gutters too. Those nests stop the flow of water and allow the water to spill over the sides before reaching your downspouts. This can lead to mold or mildew developing on the walls.

Vehicle Damage

The longer that you let those pigeons run wild all across your roof and around your home, the more damage your vehicle will suffer. Wild birds are not domesticated animals like those that use the bathroom in specific areas. Pigeons use the bathroom anywhere they want and will often defecate while flying over any cars or vehicles parked near your home. That waste can eat through the paint on your car and lower the value of the vehicle too. While this might be a problem you can live with, you still need to protect your loved ones. Contact an exterminator before your pigeon problem spirals out of control.