Three Most Common Pigeon Control Myths

Pigeon control is a delicate matter that must be taken very seriously. Pigeon infestations can happen rapidly, and you don’t have time to waste on myths and lies. This will cover the three most common myths you are likely to encounter when researching pigeon removal and what the truth really is.

Pigeons Pick Random Areas

Perhaps one of the biggest pigeon control myths is that these birds pick random areas to roost and infest. The truth is that they are highly dependent on a reliable food source. Perhaps your home has enough food for them to roost and raise their young, or maybe you consistently feed birds and now they are swarming.

The truth is that these infestations are not random. These birds intentionally pick areas with the best survival chances. That’s why professional pigeon removal in Las Vegas is so important. Professionals can easily find what’s driving the birds and they can remove the source of the problem.

Bird Spikes are Violent and Terrible

One of the best ways to control infestations is through bird spikes. Many people have misconceptions about what these spikes are. They think that they are sharp spikes that will stab and hurt the birds. The vast majority of spikes are actually blunt and will only annoy and irritate the birds. While injury is possible, it’s highly unlikely. If these spikes are suggested, then you should use them to remove the pigeons.

Extermination is the Only Viable Option

Extermination is an option, but rarely the best one. You want to focus on removal, not exterminating all the pigeons in your area. The truth is that this causes the pigeons to reproduce rapidly to increase their numbers, which often leaves you with more birds overall and certainly more nests. The better option is to make your area inhospitable so that the pigeons have to find somewhere else to roost.