Seasonal Pests and What to Look Out For

As you might know, when the seasons change, so does the weather. But what you might not know is that as the weather changes outside, the pests we might find in our homes also changes. Many pests will come into our homes during the winter. These pests are trying to seek a warmer place to sleep. There are many types of pest species. We will discuss some of them and let you know which ones to look out for during the next seasonal change.

Pests in the Spring and Summer

Just as the winter turns into spring, you can expect there will be pests such as ants, termites, and mosquitoes. These pests come out of their winter hiding places at the first sign of spring. The only thing they think about is finding food and water. Spring also is a mating season for many of these pests.

Some of the summer pests we need to look out for including stinging insects, mosquitoes, flies, and bed bugs. These pests do not bother humans too much in the summer. They are reaching the peak of their maturity. Yet, we often see them in our homes and consider them to be pesky little creatures.

Pests in the Fall and Winter

Fall brings on cold temperatures. With the cool temperatures come many household pests. These pests are wanting to find warmth from the chilly weather. Unfortunately, that means they find this warmth in our homes. Some include cockroaches, spiders, and rodents.

Many pests will hibernate during the long, cold months. But not all pests do. There are some pests you might see around your house during the winter months as they make their way out of the cold and into our cozy homes. These pests include roaches, rodents, and bed bugs.

What About the Pigeons?

For those of us who live in a climate that has warmer weather year-round, we have another pest to be concerned about—the pigeon. The pesky bird is all around the Las Vegas area. They might not seem like a nuance, but they are. The pigeon feces can stain cement and ruin your shrubs. Pigeon removal in Las Vegas is only one way to get rid of these annoying birds. There are many companies offering removal of the pigeon from our homestead area. These companies are reputable and trustworthy. Finding one in Las Vegas should not be a difficult task. You should want them gone.