The Top Three Reasons Why Cockroaches Are Attracted to Your House

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Learn about what in and around your house could be attracting roaches. You can remove these items and take other action to prevent an infestation or a reinfestation.

What Attracts Cockroaches and How to Get Rid of Them

The sight of one cockroach in your home usually means that there is an infestation of these pests. Cockroaches can sneak into a house through a crack that is only 1/8 of an inch wide. They have a strong sense of smell and are able to move quickly and easily hide. Knowing what attracts cockroaches can help you to prevent an infestation. If you do spot signs of a problem, you can arrange for professional cockroach extermination in Las Vegas.


Although cockroaches can live for three months without a meal, any sort of a food source attracts them into your home. Cockroaches will eat pet food such as kibble, canned dog food, and birdseed. They will also eat people food, including bags of flour, bread crumbs and vegetable scraps in a compost bin. Cockroaches will eat other organic materials too, including cardboard and paper.


Cockroaches need a steady source of moisture and will seek out damp, dark and wet places. A wet mop or toilet brush or a drippy spot behind a sink is certain to attract an infestation of roaches. Make sure that mops, brushes, and brooms are kept clean and dry after use. Seal up the gaps around windows with the right type of caulk. Use exhaust fans to get rid of moisture from cooking and showering. Plumbing leaks may need to be professionally repaired.

Dark, Hidden Corners

Cockroaches prefer to walk along the perimeter of a room, where they can easily hide in a dark corner if a person or animal comes near them. Get rid of their hiding places, such as stacks of paper or boxes. Remove any piles of clutter. Disinfect regularly with vinegar, lemon juice, and other natural cleaners. Roaches like strong smells and are also attracted to dirty litter boxes or diaper pails. Professional extermination will get rid of infestations after your house has been thoroughly cleaned.


When to Call a Roach Exterminator

Since roaches are scavengers, many of them come into contact with materials that may be contaminated with various bacteria or viruses. Cockroaches can carry bacteria in their guts or on their legs, and they can contaminate objects, such as utensils or food, that they touch. Cockroach casings and excrement can also be the cause of allergies in some people. Although these pests can bite, injuries from the bites are generally not serious. The bites can cause irritation and swelling though, and it is possible for the wounds to become infected. If you have noticed roaches in your residence, it may be time to call a roach exterminator to control the problem before it worsens.


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Updated 8/17/21