Know How to Spot Pests in the House

There are many types of pests, and you should know how to spot them. Sometimes, you’ll see the rodents or bugs, but you may have a hidden issue. Follow these tips to help yourself identify the pests in your house.

Damage to the Woodwork

Many pests use wood as a nest, and the home will show signs near their dwellings. If you see holes in the wall or wood chips, you may have some critters in your home. Termites will cause damage to woodwork, but you may not actually see them in your home. The foundation can house many pests, but other areas will experience issues from other infestations. Rodents will chew away at your walls, and pigeons will make nests on roofs.

Exposed Electrical Wires and Broken Equipment

Another sign of an infestation is damage to electrical wires in your home. Rodents and other animals will seek shelter at night, and electrical equipment is a frequent target. Air conditioners are often used by animals, and you’ll notice pests trying to eat through the wires to create a new home. Within your home, exposed electrical wiring usually point to rats. Rats will chew through walls to create a home, and they may damage light switches in the process. You should check your lights if any of them seem to have any issues. Other indications, such as unusual sounds, will help find out if you have a pest issue.

Unusual Sounds at Night

Many pests sleep during the day, but you’ll hear them moving around at night. Rodents will often make noises at night as they search for food. Pigeons nesting on your roof or in your attic can cause unusual noises as well. If you hear sounds similar to movement coming from your house, you should consider the services of a professional. Pest control in Las Vegas can help you find the right solution for your home. Take notice of the signs and take care of the infestation.