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Most Likely Season to Find Spiders in Your Home

Beyond maybe Charlotte from the children’s book “Charlotte’s Web,” there really aren’t any spiders that you want in your home. There’s nothing quite as nightmare-inducing as getting up in the middle of the night, going into the bathroom, and being greeted by a spider. You still have flashbacks to all the times you pulled out a sweater from the closet only to have a few spiders announce their presence. If you feel as if you get more spiders in your home at certain times of the year, well, you’re not wrong. Below, you can learn a little about spider behavior and what to do if you have a spider invasion on your hands.

Spiders in Your Home During the Fall and Winter

Your mind is not playing tricks on you. It’s very likely that during the fall and winter months, usually between September to October, you will see an increase in the number of spiders meandering through your home. Most people assume that spiders come indoors to avoid the cold or snow, but this is not entirely true. The reason spiders are more prevalent indoors during these months is because it is the spider-breeding season.

Avoid Spider Indoors

There are a couple of things you can do to keep spiders at bay. For one, make sure that you are keeping your house clean and uncluttered. Spiders love dark, damp places where they can nest and build webs. That means, your closet, cluttered shelves, and the damp places under sinks are ideal habitats for them.

You will also want to seal shut any places that spiders can enter your home, including doorways and cracks around windows. Last, keep your house bright and sunny, if you can. Spiders like the darkness, so light is like their mortal enemy.

Call Pest Control

If you have an issue with spiders that you haven’t been able to solve on your own, then it’s probably time to call in the professionals and hire an exterminator in Las Vegas. These experts have all the right tools and knowledge to ensure you never run into a creepy crawler in the middle of the night again.