Avoid These Mistakes To Prevent A Pigeon Takeover

Pigeons are very undesirable house guests and can quickly infest a home. These birds are typically noisy, usually live in groups, and their droppings are ridden with bacteria that can be a carrier of diseases. If you see an influx of pigeons squatting or flying around your home, here are some of the reasons why they are continuously coming back.

Leaving Your Garbage Cans Open

If pigeons cannot seem to stop visiting your home it is likely due to the fact that there is some type of open food source in the area. There may be opened food items lying around your property that are attracting the birds. Pigeons also tend to linger around the garbage and sometimes even digest the trash that they find. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your trash bins are always properly covered and that the lids are tightly secured.

Offering Too Many Potential Nesting Areas

When pigeons are looking for a place to nest they have a habit of gravitating towards nooks and crannies that may be slightly closed off. If you find that your home has a lot of these little areas that are desirable to pigeons, the biggest mistake would be to not block off these spaces immediately. Use a keen eye to identify these areas around your property and seal them off. If you leave the spaces unblocked you could potentially be inviting a horde of pigeons to take up residence around your home.

Ignoring the Signs of Infestation

Whenever you see one or two pigeons constantly hanging out around your home take care to not ignore them. Ignoring the signs of a pigeon infestation is one of the primary mistakes that many home residents make. Pigeons lay eggs and can breed very quickly if left unattended. The best way to remedy this mistake is to call in reinforcements whenever you see the signs of an infestation. Never be afraid to seek out professional help to visit your home. Calling a specialized extermination company is the best way to resolve any pigeon problems. When searching for pigeon extermination in Las Vegas it is vital to always choose a reliable company to effectively take care of the infestation.