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When an animal decides that it has found a warm and safe place to live, it will try to establish roots there. Pigeons are no exception to this rule, and a single pigeon could quickly become dozens or hundreds taking residence in a home or business. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that an infestation may be taking place in a given location.

Pigeons Are Seen on the Roof

If pigeons can be seen flying around or roosting on a property, it is possible that there are more living inside of it. While that may not necessarily be the case, it may be a good idea to call a professional to inspect the attic or other areas in a home or office building where they could reside. Even if the pigeons can’t be seen, it may be possible to hear them flying or walking around inside of a property.

Droppings May Be Seen on the Property

All animals have to eliminate their waste somewhere. If a pigeon is living inside of a home or building, it is likely that it will do so in that home or building. In addition to creating a mess, droppings could also represent a health hazard. Materials could be kicked into the air and then spread throughout the rest of the space through the HVAC system. Breathing those contaminated particles into the air could cause breathing problems. Contaminated particles may also attach themselves to clothes or skin that may then come into contact with other people, toys or food.

Pigeon Removal May Not Necessarily Be an Option

If there are one or two pigeons in a home or building, relocating them may be an option. However, if there is already an infestation within a given space, it may be necessary to get in touch with a pigeon extermination in Las Vegas professional. This may fully eliminate the problem and make sure that a property won’t suffer any more damage.