For many business owners, pigeons are nothing more than just annoying pests that poop everywhere. They can definitely create quite a mess on your property. Pigeon control in Las Vegas is a big job. However, these aggravating birds are actually quite amazing. Here some of the coolest facts about pigeons that you may not know.

Pigeons Were Used as Messengers

Today, text messages and e-mails are a big source of communication. Before the arrival of advanced technology, pigeons were commonly used as messengers. As they flew from one town to the next, pigeons transported vital information. Pigeons were actually similar to a modern-day postal worker. From war declarations to marriage announcements, a variety of different messages were conveyed by pigeons. If you were a sports fan during ancient times, you had to rely upon pigeons to get the latest scores. Even the results of the Olympic Games were spread by these traveling birds. Because pigeons were such a vital part of communication in certain societies, some were considered to be heroes.

Pigeons Can Be Trained to Save Lives

Understandably, pigeons are often viewed as unwelcome guests. Most people are surprised to find out that pigeons can be taught to save lives. In fact, navy researches discovered that pigeons can spot people who have become lost at sea. They are intelligent birds that have a knack for learning new talents. A pigeon’s ability to see ultra-violent colors makes it perfect for detecting capsized and sinking boats. Enhanced vision gives pigeons a key advantage over humans.

Pigeons Are Athletes

Like animals such as cheetahs and greyhounds, pigeons are incredible athletes. They can rocket through the air at amazing speeds. For this reason, pigeon races are held throughout the world. The winner stands to earn their owner an extremely large cash prize. In order to outshine the competition, the victorious pigeon must fly long distances. It is not common for a top racing pigeon to sell for thousands of dollars. Some people actually specialize in breeding these fast fliers.