Stink Bugs Have Invaded Nevada

For the past two years, Nevada has had a major stink bug problem. Researchers from the Nevada Department of Agriculture aren’t certain when stink bugs first invaded the Silver State, but it’s estimated that as many as one out of every two Las Vegas households may be battling a stink bug infestation at some point. Stink bugs swarm, and since they’re not native to this part of the world, they have no natural predators here. The most effective way to deal with these unpleasant insects is to call a company that specializes in pest control in Las Vegas for help.

What Are Stink Bugs?

The stink bug’s official name is Halyomorpha halys or the brown marmorated stink bug. It is a native of the northeast portions of Asia, including China, Japan, and Korea, where it’s hunted by wasps and spiders that aren’t found in other parts of the world. Scientists believe that it was initially introduced to the United States by accident in the first decade of the 21st century, probably in cases containing Chinese goods that were shipped to this country, since stink bugs go into hibernation in extremely hot or extremely cold conditions. The first specimens were collected in Pennsylvania in 1998. By 2017, stink bugs have become a major problem in 44 states.

What Do Stink Bugs Look Like?

Stink bugs are shield-shaped and approximately three-quarters of an inch in length. Depending on the species, adult specimens can be green, brown, or grey. They have a powerful set of wings, which they keep retracted when they’re not flying. A gland on their abdomen emits a powerful chemical that smells a bit like cilantro. They feed on plants, so they prefer your garden to your house. They hibernate during colder months, however, so in the fall, they begin to swarm into houses in order to spend the winter inside walls and other crawl spaces.

Getting Rid of Stink Bugs

Stink bugs get into homes through cracks in doors and window screens. The most effective way to prevent an infestation is by making sure the outside of your home is airtight and that all your window screens and doors are protected by weather stripping. Any cracks should be sealed by caulking. If you notice stink bugs inside your home, you would be well advised to call a professional exterminator who knows efficient and effective ways to deal with the infestation.