There are a number of horror movies that have featured giant bugs, including “Them!,” “Tarantula,” “Mothra” and others.

Six Great Giant Bug Movies

For those of us who are already afraid of bugs and insect infestations, few things can be scarier than the thought of being under attack by giant bugs. Moviemakers have taken advantage of our collective entomophobia and arachnophobia, featuring both enormous insects and spiders doing their best to make a meal of any humans they encounter.

Ants and a Mantis

1954’s “Them!” is perhaps the most highly regarded giant insect film, winning an Oscar for what were at the time cutting-edge special effects. No amount of boric acid is enough as hordes of giant, irradiated ants cause destruction throughout New Mexico. A few years later, 1957’s “The Deadly Mantis” features a colossal praying mantis who, having thawed from prehistoric ice, makes his case for governmental reform by attempting to destroy Washington, D.C.

When Giant Spiders Attack

In 1955, “Tarantula” is as notable for the scenes of the title arachnid tearing his way through the desert as it is for a brief appearance by an impossibly young Clint Eastwood. Similarly, “Eight Legged Freaks” in 2002 can be enjoyed as much for the much-improved giant spider effects as for a pre-Black Widow Scarlett Johansson in a supporting role.

Scorpions and Moths

Anyone who finds their home in need of scorpion extermination in Las Vegas will identify with the characters in 1957’s “The Black Scorpion” as they find that no wall can protect them from the giant scorpions menacing a small Mexican town. However, not all giant insects are bad. In the Japanese classic “Mothra” from 1961, the giant moth comes to the aid of two women who, because they are only a foot tall, are taken from their home island and displayed to the curious. Summoned by their singing, Mothra destroys much of Tokyo to free them, ultimately teaming with Godzilla in a number of sequels where they battle ever greater threats.