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Signs Your Home Has Cockroaches

Experts say cockroaches are the only species that would survive a nuclear fallout. This is all you need to know about how hard they are to get rid of. The clandestine insect prefers to dwell in areas that are both dark and moist, making your basement and certain areas of your kitchen the perfect place for them to call home. This is also the primary reason the bugs are commonly spotted night.

Once cockroaches set up shop, they are known to multiply quickly, turning a couple of bugs into a full-on cockroach disco before you know it. Because of this, you want to have them exterminated by a company that provides pest control in Las Vegas. The earlier you catch the problem, the easier it is to get rid of them. Keep an eye out for these three situations to ensure that you avoid a roach infestation.

Roach Eggs

Once they are laying eggs in your home, you know you have a serious issue. This means the insects have set up shop and are getting down to business. First, you need to know what cockroach eggs look like in order to identify them. The cockroaches lay their eggs in what is called oothecae, a long, cylindrical, brownish sack that is filled with their eggs. These are actually much easier to find during the day than the actual adult bugs.

If you fear you might have cockroaches and want to look for these egg sacs, look in tight, enclosed spaces. This includes your pantry, cabinets, and behind your fridge. If you do see these oothecae, call a pest removal expert immediately.

The Smell

If your infestation is bad enough, there will be an identifiable odor that comes along with it. Large groups of roaches create a strong musty odor that attacks your senses. In extreme, people have even said that they can taste it in their food. This is caused by an oil that the bugs release.


Roach dropping are prevalent when there are a lot of them. The bugs have a fast digestive system, meaning they leave a large number of droppings to match their ravenous appetite. If you see what looks like coffee grounds or black pepper laying on your kitchen floor, on counters, or near food, it could be roach feces. The more feces you see, the bigger your infestation is.

The one person that can truly tell you if you have a roach infestation is a professional exterminator. Call one if you see if any of these signs in your home.