scorpion removal

Learn about the preferred foods of scorpions and how you can make sure that none of their preferred meals are available in or around your home. These steps will help you to deter scorpions and prevent your home from becoming infested.

Top Three Food Sources for Scorpions in Your Home

Pests seek out your home not only for shelter and a place to nest but also for the food that they find. Understanding what sources are preferred by scorpions can help you to discourage them from coming into your home. These actions can be performed in conjunction with professional scorpion extermination in Las Vegas to get rid of or prevent an infestation.

Spiders and Insects

Scorpions use spiders as a leading source of nourishment in the Las Vegas area. They will ingest any type of spider. You can discourage spiders from living in your home by regularly cleaning, especially in the corners, underneath furniture and along windowsills and door frames. These steps will also discourage other insects from coming into your home.

Small Mammals

Larger scorpions will eat small mammals such as mice and baby rats. They use their stingers to inject a paralyzing protein into their prey. With the prey immobilized, the scorpion then uses its large pincers or claws to pull its prey apart. You can identify the small cracks and gaps where mammals such as mice can get into your house, garage or shed. A mouse can squeeze through a crack as small as a dime. Fill in these cracks with the appropriate type of caulk, steel wool or plywood. Get rid of any mouse nesting materials and seal up items that would be appealing for mice to eat.


Scorpions also enter your home environment to find a source of water. While they can live for months between meals, they require water every couple of days. Check for leaky faucets, toilets and other fixtures. Even condensation on your windows, hot water tank or mirrors can be enough water for a scorpion to survive. Fixing leaks in your plumbing helps to discourage pests from coming into your household environment.