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Safest Way to Have Bees Removed by Bee Exterminators

Coming across a beehive on your property can be disturbing. Removing it is difficult and expensive, especially if you hire bee exterminators. In addition, it’s dangerous if you’ve family members who wear perfumes and colognes since the chances of being stung are high. Also, species, like the carpenter bee, build hives on your house walls leading to structural damage. Fortunately, there are safe methods to eliminate them. Continue reading to understand the following bee extermination mechanisms.

Burn Citronella Candles

Individuals use citronella sticks to drive away mosquitoes. They are also magical when it comes to bee removal. Light the sticks and leave them in the yard. It would be helpful if you leave it for an extended period. The masking smell from the sticks irritates the insects and forces them to move to a different location. An exterminator recommends using this mechanism on warm or sunny days. Lighting them on a rainy or windy day isn’t effective because insects don’t go into them. The insects will eventually stop swarming your premises. Bees stuck on the walls will also fly out.

Use Moth Balls

As mentioned, there are odors insects don’t like, and mothballs are one of them. Hang them around the nest, the insects will immediately move away. The odor will deter them from returning. Hanging the balls in different spots in the yard would be best to keep the space bee-free.

Use a Bee Spray

Insect sprays provide long-lasting solutions of their elimination. Bees are vital to the ecosystem. Thus, experts recommend use of chemicals that are not lethal. There are various sprays that eliminate insects without exterminating them. Spray them at night since they are effective during this time.

All sprays don’t work in a similar way. Be keen to read the instructions and application procedure. It would be helpful if you left the task to a specialist. As mentioned, there are numerous bee varieties. If you aren’t sure of the species that has infested your home, hire an exterminator. They accurately identify the bee variety and determine the suitable spray.

Sprinkle Garlic Powder

Applying garlic powders helps in bee elimination. The insects hate the smell of garlic. When sprayed, they relocate to a different region. There are different types of powders that eliminate insects. It would help if you were careful about the type because some are deadly when sprinkled directly on the insects.

Consider hiring an expert when sprinkling. This helps you keep safe by avoiding direct contact with insects. Bee exterminators have the appropriate gear, like helmets and long socks, to cover all body parts to avoid stings. In addition, they’ve gloves to prevent contaminating their hands with the powder.

Call a Professional Beekeeper

The use of professional help is an effective method of pest control in Las Vegas. The specialists handle the insects and provide you with effective solutions. They carefully remove the hives without harming or killing the inhabitants. Experts have vast knowledge to remove bees from one place and get them to a new and favorable location.

They do this by keenly taking the honeycombs from the hive in a manner that doesn’t agitate the queen bee. If there is a beekeeper in your locality, they will be glad to take the insects from you. They are sure to give them a safe home to make honey.

Use Cinnamon

Most insects cannot stand the smell of cinnamon. When sprayed, they start moving away slowly. Experts spread it in the infected area. It would be helpful to spray it daily for one or two weeks to ensure effectiveness. This mechanism works if you desire to eradicate the insects from your home and not completely from the yard.

If it rains after spraying it, consider reapplying to ensure effectiveness. Rat exterminator Las Vegas also use the method to eliminate rodents from your space. Rodents are sensitive to scents.

Plant Peppermint Around Your Yard

A significant way to eliminate insects without harming them is by planting trees that deter them. Mint is an example of such a plant. It keeps bees away and leaves a sweet fragrance for you to enjoy. Peppermint oil also sends away insects. Spray it on the entryways or near the nests. Avoid sprinkling directly on the hives. Proceed with caution as you approach the beehive.

They become agitated and aggressive when sprayed and easily sting you or the people around. The oil is also effective for scorpion extermination when its syrup is mixed with a carrier oil and sprayed on the problem areas.

Use Smoke

This is among the efficient and cheapest methods to remove insects from your premises. The mechanism is efficient, especially on honey bee species, since they are sensitive to smell. It makes them think that their house is on fire prompting them to get moving. Use dead firewood and start a fire under the nest. Before leaving, the insects eat lots of honey to get the energy to find a different location. As a result, their abdomens become so full, making it hard to sting. However, be careful and stay away since most of them get agitated.

Use a Bee Trap

Bee exterminators use commercial bee traps to remove the insects from your residence. The traps are like containers with narrow openings. Experts lure the insects into the traps using sweet solutions such as maple mixed with water, natural sweeteners or syrups. Since bees are naturally attracted to sweet scents, they willingly move into the container and get trapped and don’t escape.

Let the container sit near the hive for several days until all the insects get trapped. The exterminator aims to remove the insects, not to kill them. Thus, they release them in a favorable location where they are needed.

Bee Exterminators Use Bitter Almond Oil

Naturally, insects dislike strong odors produced by substances such as almond oil. Pour it on a piece of cloth and leave it open for air to diffuse into the environment. It would be helpful if you exposed the cloth to the sunlight to allow evaporation. The insects will likely go away at the smell of the oil. Professionals also advise smearing the oil on wood to prevent insects from nesting them.

They also sprinkle the oil on the bee’s nest holes to drive them away. This mechanism is effective for areas infested with carpenter bees. Always take precautionary measures to ensure kids don’t come into contact with the oil since it harms their health.

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