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Getting Rid of Pigeons From Your Holiday Lights and Decorations

When you spend a lot of time setting up an outdoor holiday lights and decoration display, you want it to look as good as it did at the time you put it up. Flocks of pigeons may see those strings of lights and other decorations as a good place to roost because the lights and inflatable decor release heat that keeps the birds warm. If you are having this type of a problem on your property, experts in pigeon extermination in Las Vegas can help to disperse the birds and keep them away from your holiday lights.

Loud Sounds

Pigeons do not like to be around loud sounds. One method that the pigeon exterminators may use is to have sounds set up with your holiday lights and decorations display. You could use holiday music or have the exterminators set up a device that makes a loud air horn, owl, cat, or other sound that scares the birds away from your property.


Plastic spikes can be placed around the areas where you have set up lights. The pigeon exterminators can install the bird spikes to discourage the birds from sitting on the strings of lights or the edges of your building. The spikes could also be discretely installed on large decorations, such as plastic statues, nativity scenes, and other big items that remain stationary on your property.


When the pigeons keep visiting your outdoor holiday lights display, bringing nesting material to electrical wiring or leaving their waste on your decorations, you may need to have the exterminators take more drastic elimination steps. The exterminators may be able to set up traps or baits to hasten the removal or displacement of the flock. Pigeons do not want to work too hard to find a nesting place, and any inconvenience will likely discourage them from returning.