Though you can easily bring bedbugs into your home, getting rid of those insects is not nearly as easy. Get professional help from an exterminator to treat your bedbug problem.

Professional Exterminators for Bedbug Infestations

Bedbugs are small insects that can range in color from a deep red shade to a darker brown color. These insects can flatten themselves to fit into smaller spaces, and you may not even know you have bedbugs until you wake up with red or white bite marks on your body. Any furniture, clothing or even stuffed animals you bring into your home may contain bedbugs. As soon as you see a single bedbug in your home, contact an exterminator.

Common Infestation Signs

Before you start calling exterminators in your city, you might want to make sure that you have a bedbug infestation. Always look at both your mattress and box spring for any dark brown, black or red flecks. The bugs leave behind these droppings. You may also see tiny black dots that are the eggs of those bugs. You will also want to examine any of the spaces where the bugs may hide, including inside your dresser drawers, in clothes hanging in your closet, under the baseboards of the room and inside outlets or light switches.

Extermination Services

Pest control Las Vegas extermination companies offer a number of services for bedbug infestations. These bugs can live for up to 12 months without feeding or using a food source, which is why you will need regular spot treatments. The exterminators will spray your home with a combination of chemicals and use powdered treatments that kill the eggs and adult bugs. Those powdered treatments will kill any bedbugs that encounter the powder. The exterminators will return to your house every few months to apply new treatments.

Stop Scratching

Bedbugs will feed off you and leave behind white or red bumps that often itch. When you call exterminators for help, you can finally stop scratching those itches. Call local exterminators to find out what services they offer for bedbug infestations and how you can kill all the bedbugs in your home.