Common Reasons for Pigeons on Your Vegas Roof

Though pigeons can look cute and harmless, they carry diseases that they can pass on to your loved ones. Those birds can also leave holes in your roof and use your shingles for their nests as well as cause damage to your gutters. Most of the pigeons found in Vegas settle on roofs for a few common reasons.


Nearly every creature in the animal kingdom has a few natural predators, and pigeons are no exception. They seek out places that they feel are safe and locations that will help them create a safe habitat for their babies. Females may pick your roof to lay their eggs and raise their kids because it offers protection from both predators and the environment. This can include gutters that give them shelter from the wind and rain as well as loose shingles that help them get into your attic or top floor.

Food and Water

Another reason you might find pigeons nesting in and around your roof is that your home helps them find food and water. Wild birds will often seek out homes that are both safe and help them care for their babies. The pigeons may like your home because they can get water from the gutter and food from nearby sources. If you aren’t sure where they get the food and water, you can call for assistance with pigeon removal in Las Vegas.

Nesting Supplies

Wild birds build nests from any supplies they can find, which can include pieces of trash and tree leaves and bark. If you have a number of plants in your yard, those birds may choose your home because they can use materials from those plants in their nests. When pigeons build nests around your roof, you might consider letting them stay there because you don’t realize how much damage they can do. No matter why they chose your Vegas home, you should get help safely removing those birds from your roof.