Don’t Let Rats and Mice Find Doorways Into Your Home

Rodents don’t exactly make welcome guests in a home. Trapping or otherwise disposing of rodents makes sense. Would it not be best to keep them out in the first place? Homeowners likely agree with this simple assessment. That’s why they don’t leave garbage sitting in trashcans for too long. They also clean up with kitchen spotlessly with rodent prevention in mind.

This is all fine, but even the very best steps taken by a homeowner can’t keep rodents out of a house. There are just too many ways for rats and mice to enter the property. You might not know the tiny — or not-so-tiny entries exist — but they are there. Professional exterminators would be the best to call on to deal with these rodent mini-doorways.

The Forgotten-About Basement Drain

Basements often come with a drain in the floor. The purpose of the drain is to give flowing water somewhere to go in case of a plumbing disaster. Drains often come with caps. If the cap comes off or the slits on the cap are too large, this creates a perfect way for a rat to find its way into the home. Some might not think this is possible because the no rat found his way into the basement yet. Well, you don’t know what the condition of the drainpipe is several dozen yards down the sewer line. Corrosion could open up the pipe deep in the drain allowing a way for a rat to enter and travel up the pipe towards the basement.

That drain opening has to be sealed and sealed properly. Hopefully, the job would be done by an exterminator in Las Vegas capable of delivering professional results.

Searching for Imperfections

Holes large and small can appear in walls, ceilings, and elsewhere. Sometimes, these small imperfections are exactly that — small. You might not put too much of a priority on fixing these issues because they don’t detract too much from looks. Or perhaps the problems are in rooms you don’t use much. Don’t think of these problems as purely aesthetic ones. Holes in the drywall present an entry for rodents to come into the home. Remember, they may be traveling through the walls from a pathway connecting to the outside or an adjoining house. To a rodent, those holes are doors. You want doors shut by Las Vegas exterminators.

Patching the Hole

Certain covers, adhesives, and foam fillers can effectively seal up rodent holes fairly easily. An exterminator can look through a home and find all the potential entry points. Once found, steps can be taken by a local exterminator to seal things up. Rodents may need to find another home to crash.